Shailene Woodley Is Tomboy No More!?

We cared about much more than just the movie at today’s Insurgent premiere in London. What exactly did we fall head over heels for? Shailene Woodley and her PERFECT backless floor-length white dress. She’s usually one to wear minimal makeup, casual dresses and natural hair, but this babe threw all her rules out the window with this look. Her hair was pinned back and her makeup was full glam. She looked totally grown up and sexier than ever before! As Miss Woodley posed alongside hottie Theo James (who didn’t look half bad himself), she simply dazzled the crowd. While her Insurgent character might be a total badass, we prefer chic Shailene. I mean, she’s still a baddy no matter what she’s wearing.

Galore Mag Shailene Woodley

Galore Mag Shailene Woodley

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