Sexy Superbowl Sunday With New Carl’s Jr Babe – Charlotte McKinney


Galore bombshell Charlotte McKinney is starring in an all natural Carl’s Jr commercial this Superbowl Sunday. The 21 year old vixen is sure to start a few conversations at your Superbowl party. Why? She’s nude! The commercial will feature our girl Charlotte walking through the Farmer’s Market to grab a bite of the fast-food chain’s new “all-natural,” grass-fed-beef burger. We spoke to her about her best set memories, the secret to the perfect game day party, and we even got an all natural beauty tip!



What’s your best memory from the set?

The cast, the crew, and the extras were all so fun. The entire crew was amazing and they all treated me like a queen for the day. I had my own trailer!

How many burgers did you have to try?

They told me that usually during filming of previous Carl’s Jr commercials it takes them about 60 burgers to get the right shot. It only took me 10! I wanted to nail it so bad, so I went for the best shot right at the start. I can’t imagine biting into 60 burgers!

Why is the new all natural Carl’s Jr burger special?

I like to eat local and organic foods. I’m so glad they picked me for their first steroid & hormone free burger. It’s the only natural burger in fast food!

What’s the best super bowl outfit?

A pair of cropped skinny jeans with a little heel or booty to sex it up a bit. Maybe a casual top or if you’re going to wear a jersey, cut the top off of it so that it shows some cleavage.

Since you live a natural life, what’s an all natural beauty tip?

Getting a good sweat! Doing a sauna or a hot yoga class are two of my favorite things. I think it brings a perfect glow to your skin and it’s really easy to attain.

What are your plans for the super bowl?

In the past I’ve usually spent the day with my family and friends, but last year I got a massage! This year I definitely have to watch it, so I’ll be doing that with the ones I love.

Patriots or Seahawks?


Any tips for a fun super bowl party?

Food & snacks! Superbowl is the day to eat pizza, chips and other yummy foods. Carl’s Jr fries would make an amazing treat!

Any advice to girls going on castings and auditions?

Yes! Always be kind. Make conversation with the client and ask them how they are doing. Remember, don’t let rejection shape you or change the way you feel about yourself.

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