Sexy Summer Bombshell Hair: 5 Models Giving Us Serious Hair Envy

Lately the coolest accessory that you can own seems to be what’s on top of your own head. Hair to be exact. Cool, funky, fabulous hair. The best statement to make is to change it drastically, make it attention grabbing. Looking to debut something new this summer? Fling off that tired winter beanie, and make it impossible for them to look away. We have compiled a few of our favorite bombshells to give you a few ideas of what to do with your own fabulous head of hair this summer.

SooJoo Park
The fabulous Asian supermodel makes a bold statement with her bleach blonde locks. If you’re going to go for a Soo Joo shade make sure you start off with healthy hair. Then all you need is a bleach powder and a creme developer to mix together to create the serum, apply it to dry hair, wrap your head and then leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing and blow drying. Use protein based shampoo to maintain.Soo_Joo_00_Robin_Black_Beauty_Is_Boring

Pamela Anderson
Pam’s pixie changed the entire way that the world perceived her. Get the chop at your own local salon and make sure to reshape it every month to keep it glamorous and gamine.pamela-anderson-purple-magazine-issue-21-0

Grace Jones
The African American singer/actress/ model’s chic shaved head came way before Lupita’s. If you’re tired of the upkeep that comes with a weave, a shaved head can be a simple and freeing way to turn heads and keep cool this summer.Grace-Jones-portable-355x285

Chrissy Teigan
Our favorite bombshell is queen of the hot summer tresses. With the same bleach mixture as before, make sure to buy a highlighting brush, wrap your tresses, dry and rinse.BdfPIYRcQBqbguKXwoDPJ

Chloe Norgaard
If you’re looking to rock color in your hair this summer, Chloe knows where it is at. Start with bleached hair and then dye it whatever suits your mood. Make sure to keep it up though so those roots don’t ruin it for you, and always bleach before redying to avoid it going grey… unless that’s where you want your hair adventures to take you!a_3x-horizontal

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