Sexual Exploitation or Empowerment? Walmart and Rite Aid vs. Demi and Cosmo

The NCSE, or the National Center for Sexual Expliotation, is feeling very triumphant right now, given that U.S. monopoly grocery chain, Walmart, has just joined their fight to cover-up women’s beauty and self-help magazine, Cosmopolitan, in grocery and drug stores across the country for “the sexual exploitation of women’s bodies and pornographic covers.” Brands such as Rite Aid, Hannaford and Food Lion have already jumped on the “anti-Cosmo” bandwagon, and with Walmart now in the fight, the Center’s very own Victoria Hearst is pushing even farther in the fight against the women’s publication, that she claims is “just another porn magazine glamorizing and legitimizing a dangerous lifestyle.”

However, the celebrity women who have been featured on these supposedly lewd and “pornographic” covers don’t seem to agree with these ridiculous statements, including most recent cover-girl and previous Disney star, Demi Lovato. The singer spoke out on her Instagram via a personal note, stating:


To put it simply, Demi: YOU GO GIRL. We couldn’t agree more and to say that a women being proud of her hard-earned bangin’ body is considered “porn” is down right inexcusable. If we can’t be proud of our sexuality amongst our many other amazing female attributes, including our intelligence and femininity, without it being flagged as “exploitation”, then in what other ways can we express how awesome we feel about ourselves? Demi says it best, and we think you’re forgetting something, oh Mrs. Hearst. You’re forgetting what it’s like to feel sexy, and for yourself; not for a man, or anyone else for that matter. However, if someone else sees the radiating confidence that you have in your outer-and-inner-self as sexy, well, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

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