Sex Toy Review: Rockin’ with this Rabbit- Lelo Ina 2

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I was really excited to try out my Lelo Ina 2 because I’ve never had a rabbit style vibrator. Most rabbit vibrators look intimidating to me. “Too many bells and whistles,” I would think as I perused them on shelves. But as I opened the box I was met with black silk packaging and sleek simple design. I headed to the bathroom to give the toy a wash and wriggled out of my shorts.

As I got into bed I clicked and cycled through the different vibration settings. The Lelo Ina 2 felt velvety and smooth against my skin as I slipped it downwards. The bulbous end slipped inside and hit my g spot lightly while the little “rabbit” pressed against my clit. I was surprised at the way the toy flexed to fit me. I gasped as I turned up the intensity. Five minutes in there was a small puddle on the bed. I heard a gentle splashing sound as I came and pulled the toy out of me simultaneously.


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