4 Reasons Why Sex Saves Your Skin


Sex is known for having a long list of benefits, but did you know clear skin is #1 on it? That’s right bitches, another reason to DO IT (just kidding, but seriously). Yes, sexy time can improve your skin. Don’t believe me? Here’s 4 reasons why you glow after being a hoe!

1. Some breakouts can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance, specifically sex hormones. We’ll start with the obvious explanation – the act of sex leads to more balanced hormones.

2. Having sex also improves blood circulation, leaving your skin glowing and feeling nourished.

3. Sex eliminates nasty toxins that are lurking inside of your pores. Our beloved acne scars drastically improve and our natural collagen production receives a nice boost. This means smooth skin and less wrinkles (double win)! 

4. It’s been said that sex has the same effect on the human body as candy does. Once you get a taste, you crave more and more (and more). But sex also replaces the craving for sweet treats, which are harmful for acne prone skin and your weight. More sweet sex = less butter cake.

Don’t abandon your skin care regimen just yet though! Once your steamy titanic-like scene, or maybe sloppy drunken rendition of sex is finished, it’s important to wash your face! Don’t fall asleep and infect your pillow with sexy fluids, get rid of the sweat and love juice that DEFINITELY infiltrated your pores. God forbid you black out and weren’t able to wash, you’ll still be achieving 3 other life changing benefits. Galore’s got your back, we’ll let you sex it up from here.


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