Sex (Re)Education: How to Take Care of Your Vagina

The world is full of all kinds of conflicting and inaccurate information about our vaginas. Many people use women’s insecurity and concerns about their vaginas to sell them products we just don’t need. This past weekend a friend of mine said she received an e-mail for a vaginal steam. “It’s basically like, a vaginal facial,” she explained to me as I there wondering how on earth vaginal steaming became a “thing”. The truth is, our bodies are hardwired to maintain themselves, and there’s not a lot we have to do to care for our vaginas. Here’s your comprehensive guide to taking care of your V.

Go Commando More Often

When it comes to underwear your best choice for vaginal health is to air it out and wear none at all. But if that seems like a bad choice (maybe you’re wearing distressed shorts on the subway today?) then cotton underwear is the way to go because it breathes and stays dry. By wearing cotton undies you’ll give your V a fighting chance to get all the fresh air it desperately needs. If it’s rubbing against your V, Save the latex fetish wear for the bedroom.

Wash with Water Only

Contrary to popular belief the only thing you really need to take care of your vagina, or vulva to be more accurate is water. Although you may feel pressure from all sorts of products, fads, or comments immature dudes make about your vagina–you don’t need to use any sort of scented soap, wash, douche, steam, or rinse.

Your vagina is already hard at work cleaning and maintaining itself. The inside of your v is already hard at work balancing its own Ph levels and maintaining a balance of good bacteria to fight off infections. If you use harsh soaps, rinses, or worst of a douches, you’ll throw the Ph balance of your V way out of whack, kill off all the good bacteria, and make yourself more susceptible to infections like pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infections, and UTIs.

Eat More Yogurt

Yogurt is packed full of probiotics that will help you maintain the bacterial balance inside your vagina and stave off infections like the one’s mentioned above. If you’re ever on antibiotics, make sure you follow up your round with a good probiotic supplement and pepper your diet with probiotic superfoods like greek yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi.

See Your Gyno Regularly

Yeah, we know it isn’t fun, but going to your gynecologist for your yearly exam is a great way to check in regularly about your overall health in general. Your gynecologist is there to help you with a full range of problems, whether your birth control currently isn’t working well for you, or you need to get tested for an STI, a regular visit to your gynecologist is going to be your best bet for making sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on and that your V is in tip top shape.


Sex (Re)Education is a weekly series in which we debunk myths you learned during sex education back in grade school and high school.

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