2015-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Far From Basic

1. Snapchat

You can really go in a couple of different directions for this one. You could wear a nude bodysuit with black cardboard over your private areas and be snapchat nudes. You could also use one of these makeup tutorials to be one of the newer snapchat filters (although I’m not sure how the rainbow will hold up after all your tequila shots). If you don’t mind walking around with a box around you all night, you could even make a frame with a caption, the timer in the corner, etc. to get the full snapchat effect.

Bodysuit, American Apparel, $26.00

2. Whip and Nae Nae

Don’t be something basic with your BFF, be something current (and easy). This is a perfect costume if you get invited somewhere last minute and want to be a dynamic duo. Simply scroll “whip” and “nae nae” on each other’s shirts. Maybe throw on some gold chains and baseball caps if you’ve got them?

Tank tops, Etsy, $14.99.

3. Justin Bieber’s Dick

Is this a sexy costume? Depends on how you look at it. Either way, it’s original and hilarious. Besides, if you can’t have Justin Bieber’s dick to yourself, you can at least make your own version.

Strapless Dress, Amazon, $12.99. Earring, Bluefly, $13.99

4. Tinder

In case you needed a way to make sure that everyone at your Halloween party knows you’re single as fuck, this costume should do the trick. If you don’t already own an orange dress, buy one that you actually like and then you can wear it again for another occasion. Simply print out the Tinder logo and fashion-tape and/or safety pin it to the front of your dress. If you want to go all out, make a “matches” section to put on your back and leave spaces for potential hotties to write down their phone numbers.

Bondage dress, Nastygal, $78.00.

Netflix and Chill

While photos of dudes attempting this costume have been floating around the internet, all the variations we’ve seen seem to involve a bag of ice. While this is cute for a photo-op, it’s not so cute when you walk into a party and your bag of ice is quickly turning into a bag of water. Instead, get a cheap styrofoam cooler and carry it around with you and your Netflix attire. Beter yet, use said cooler to carry around all your drinks for the night. Maybe pass out beers to the guys whose costumes you approve of?

Netflix tank, Skreened, $23.99

Trap Queen

How do you ensure that “your song” is going to play at your Halloween party of choice? Dress up as a trap queen! Besides, how else are you going to get Fetty Wap’s attention? If you don’t feel like purchasing a legit “trap queen” t-shirt, just scribble the phrase onto an old tank top instead. If you really want to complete your look, pick up a bottle of 1738 (it’s actually only $40 dollars, which is more than your usual box of wine, but way cheaper than what most rappers tend to drink).

Rainbow Tiara, Spirit Halloween, $5.99. Trap Queen shirt, Missguided, $20.40.

Basic Witch

This Halloween, don’t just be a classic Halloween witch, be a basic witch. Chances are you probably have everything you need in your wardrobe already (don’t worry, we’re not calling you basic). Throw on your old Uggs, Northface jacket, maybe a flannel shirt, and bring around a Starbucks cup. Lastly, put on your witch hat, and you’re a 2015 new and improved witch.

Basic Witch shirt, Customized Girl, $24.97.


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