September Girls Don’t Waste Their Time On Sexist Jerks

Irish Quintet September Girls simply don’t have time to dwell on rude, sexist “all girl band” comments, they have some kickass music to focus on. 2014 was clearly their year after signing to Fortuna Pop! and Kanine Records, releasing their full length Cursing The Sea, touring and now debuting a new EP with a second album in the works. September Girls say Irish girls are the best and it’s kind of hard to argue with them.

by: Shannon Kurlander

Galore Mag - September Girls
[Photos by: Jeannie O’Brien]

Tell us about your new EP, Veneer.
Paula: We were all in agreement that we didn’t want to rush straight into working on a second album so we decided to focus on some songs that we’d been kicking around with this year whilst playing shows to promote our first album. The EP is a mid-point between the songs on Cursing The Sea and the songs that are shaping up now for our second album. I hope it’s a progression of sorts. We recorded it in a proper studio for a start – our album was recorded in our own practice space. I think we also broadened our horizons in terms of what we were listening to and what we were open to in the interim as well.

We love your style. What is your favorite winter fashion staple?
Caoimhe: Doc martens; the coolest AND most comfortable shoes ever. We all own about five pairs each.

Galore Mag - September Girls

American boys or Irish Boys?
Irish Girls.

What sixties girl groups are you obsessed with?
Caoimhe: Well Ronnie Spector is my favorite girl group vocalist – so the Ronettes. And the Shangri Las – they had perfect pop songs with really sad and often quite serious subject matters.One of my favorite songs of all time is the version the Crystals did of the Carole King song “He Hit Me”, it’s incredible. So the Crystals would be in my top three but there are so many more, it’s hard to narrow it down!

Any recommendations for records people can listen to while hibernating from the cold?
Sarah: Lower DensNootropics, Katie KimCover and Flood
Paula: Steve GunnWay Out Weather

Being in an “all girl band”, have you ever had to deal with sexist jerks?
Caoimhe: Yeah, plenty of times, the most unexpected sexist comment was from a girl at a festival this year who said she was really surprised we could play well because we are an all female band. That kind of thinking just depresses me, so I don’t focus on it too much.

Anything else on the horizon for September Girls?
Sarah: Our EP has just been released so we’ll be focusing on that for a while and playing some shows in the new year to support that. We’ve also started working on album number two which is pretty exciting!

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