Seneca Eyewear Share Why Their Glasses Rock

Glasses/Sunglasses are a must for most people, and Seneca Eyewear make that a way more enjoyable purchase. They chatted to us about their blossoming brand and how we can get our own pair.


Photographs Around In Style/Martha Graeff

How long has Seneca been around?
Seneca Eyewear began in Summer 2014 in New York City. We pride ourselves in our team’s history in fashion and marketing and as a collective, have created a brand of updated basics, a consistent aesthetic across the board in our frames. In an effort to save money for the end consumer, we have not involved any other retailers. Our model is creating a product and getting it to customers faster and at a better price point. Our team handles design, the manufacturing process, and the marketing through grass roots and social channels for online distribution.

Tell us about what distinguishes your eyewear from others:
Most new brands advertise their frames as vintage-inspired. Seneca is now. We are built on simple patterns and strong, minimal designs. The company’s philosophy is to create a discrete brand with a down-to-earth aesthetic, at an affordable price. The ultimate goal is to offer the best product with the best experience regardless of the price. Luxury is not a derivative of price but of quality and experience.


Who’s wearing it?
We don’t go into names. However, we appreciate everyone’s support.

What kind of woman wears Seneca?
Seneca was made for the person that mixes their high and their affordables. It’s for the girl or guy that wears their unisex optical frame paired with an inexpensive white t-shirt and that Saint Laurent denim.

Where can we purchase?
Online at

What’s the price point?
Prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses begin at 100 dollars.

What’s coming up next?
We are currently in development for a new, sturdy and lightweight luxury material for Seneca customers. Our method of research is reading and then testing our theories. Books, articles, studies. We read a lot about different types of materials you can use to make eyeglasses.


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