Selfie Sirens: The 4 Biggest Instagram Gals Of 2013

Remember when Facebook was all the rage? You would stalk your crush for days, brag about your life and just generally waste all of your time on that web page. If you don’t remember, don’t feel too badly, we don’t either. Why? Because ladies and gentleman, Instagram is the new Facebook/ Twitter/ everything! We post so much on that app that our fingers are permanently frozen into claws! One of the best parts of the site, is the babes! Who new there were so many good looking gals out there right? Here are four of the biggest babes on Instagram right now!

1. Felice Fawn: Shot to internet fame in 2013, the freelance model/ blogger/ entrepreneur is the goth beauty of the social media scene. Her tumblr fame has given way to an even bigger instagram following and at 68k followers, her fame is nothing to sneeze at. Give her a look.


2. Chloe Norgaard: The rainbow haired American model has successfully managed to stay a relatively underground model for the past three years. But that doesn’t mean that her instagram insn’t an exercise in urban chic! She boasts a following of over 145,000 on the social media network, so maybe she isn’t as unknown as we may have thought…


3. Lily Aldridge: The Victoria’s Secret model doubles as a social media queen, always posting snaps from behind the scenes on Victoria’s Secret shoots and social gatherings with her fellow bombshells. Her 560K followers don’t lie, this is the gal to watch.


4. Alexandra Richards: The model/ DJ Rolling Stone daughter has one of the best profiles on Instagram. Filled with international nightclubs, beachie bikini pics and plenty of lingerie shots, it begs the question why only the minimal following of 5941. Be one of the first to follow this rocker chick!


Written By: Amanda Lang

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