This Website Will Scan Your Selfie to Tell You How Hot You Are

Ever wonder where your selfies fall on the hotness scale? A new website uses artificial intelligence to tell you once and for all whether you’re “stunning,” “hot,” or merely “okay.”

Called Faces, the site is a collaboration between Computer Vision Laboratory and the BLINQ dating app, according to Tech Insider. Attractiveness is rated with 76 percent effectiveness, Faces says, and is based on “a very large dataset from a dating site as well as images from celebrities.”

In addition to ranking your appearance, Faces can also guess your age and gender, making for a triple whammy of brutal honesty. I ran a recent photo of mine through and was pleased with the results: According to Faces’ artificial intelligence, I am 27, female, and godlike. I like this website!

selfie rating


But now let’s objectify some dudes for a change. How does People Magazine’s 2015 Sexiest Man Alive, David Beckham, stack up on Faces? According to them, he’s a godlike 36-year-old male. Becks is 40 IRL, so clearly he’s been diligent with his nightly Creme De La Mer.

What about Drake? He ranks as “nice,” which is definitely accurate based on his song lyrics, but we’d rank him at a solid “hot” if it were up to us.

What about Adam Senn, our favorite jock? Faces considers him “stunning” and judged his age at 24, when he’s actually 31.

Click here to try out Faces yourself. And please take your ranking with a grain of salt.

Above screenshot via W Magazine.

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