Don’t Fall For The Thirst Trap

You see it everyday on the explore page on Instagram: you’re innocently scrolling through when your eye gets caught by an image of sweaty abs or an unnecessarily-well-oiled body. You click on the profile and get sucked into a world of gym selfies, morning topless shots taken from bed, and action photos that somehow always catch him with a flexed bicep. Gotcha: you’ve been thirst-trapped.


Definition: both a noun (thirst-trap) describing a person who habitually commits the act of the verb (thirst-trapping), the term describes an unoriginal hot person who regularly (read: daily) uploads partially dressed images of themselves to social media accounts in an attempt to lure in shallow, unsuspecting viewers; a brazenly unsubtle attempt to get both likes and attention. Images are commonly paired with phrases like “Morning ladies ;)” (use of winks are a huge indicator). The facial expression involved is typically some sort of pout, smirk, or combination of the two in what is believed to be a casually attractive expression.


Short term goals: to always be someone’s #MCM

Long term goals: to find a job to pay for all the baby oil they’re purchasing

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