Selena & The Weeknd Might Release a Song Together!

Selena stans have been foaming at the mouth for all her cute PDA moments with The Weeknd lately.

From their lit Saturday nights at the golf course, to pimpin’ all over the world, they have tweens on the internet dubbing them #couplegoals.

But, do you know what’s really goals? Making magic together.

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And no, I don’t mean in the bedroom, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean magic to your ears – or, music to your ears.

Well, Selena stalkers  fans noticed something on songwriter Max Martin’s Wikipedia page that could hint at new music with the love birds singing a duet.

On the page, under Selena’s soon to be released single, “In Her Element,” The Weeknd is listed.

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Does this mean that Abel crooned along to Selena on the track? Does it mean he helped write it? Or does it mean that someone who contributed to Wikipedia decided to fuck with us all since Wikipedia is definitely not a legit source?

Honestly, nobody can know until the song is released. And it’s unclear when that’s going to happen.

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But, until then, we can hope. After all, most musical couples seem to duet at some point or another.

H/T: Marie Claire

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