Selena & The Weeknd Did Not Go on a Date to Olive Garden

Forget what you’ve heard because the rumors are false.

Selena and The Weeknd did not choose to celebrate thirsty Thursday by spending the evening staring at each other over a plate of unlimited breadsticks.

Life is too cruel to ever give us that glorious moment.

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On Thursday, Selena and Abel decided to celebrate the thirstiest day of the week by going out to dinner, as people in relationships sometimes do.

The moment was caught in a super short video by a Twitter user named @13antonioperetz.

Selena wore a shirt that looked mostly backless and Abel was wearing clothes that covered the majority of his body.

And in true Selena and Abel form, she had her arms around him and he just stood there like he could take it or leave it.

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When asked by Selena stans and thirsty thirsty journalists what the name of the restaurant was, Antonio replied, “Olive Garden? lol.”

Pressed later to confirm whether this was actually true and not just a joke, Antonio simply responded, “sure.”

And with that rock solid proof, websites started running with the story.


TBH it looked fancier than any Olive Garden I’ve ever been to on a date, and turns out that’s because it probably was.

On Instagram, a user named @lesslie.delgado responded to a post about what Selena and Abel had gotten up to by saying, “bro it’s miggiano’s my friend works there lmao he took the phone call.”

And we’re pretty sure that by “Miggiano’s” she actually meant “Magianno’s” seeing as there are no restaurants called “Miggiano’s” in LA.

She continued:

“He doesn’t know who called but someone called and said ‘can we make a reservation for two in a private room?’ and he said it was too late to get the private room since they were closing soon and then they were like, ‘well what if it’s for selena gomez?’ and he thought it was a prank until they really showed up. he’s the one who took them to their table.”

Now, obviously she could by lying, but it never really made sense that Selena and The Weeknd went to Olive Garden in the first place, so @lesslie.delgado is probably telling the truth.

Although then again, she’s only posted 3 times on Instagram so I don’t even know what to believe.


So let’s just say, Selena and The Weeknd went out to eat somewhere and call it a day, okay?

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