Selena Sloan’s debut single is about calling up a boy who you know is trouble

Selena Sloan is an LA-based DJ and multi-platinum winning songwriter who’s now working on becoming a solo artist – and her future as one seems pretty promising. 

Selena notably co-wrote Marc E. Bassy’s Billboard hit song, “You & Me” featuring G Eazy. After years of writing for other notable artists, Selena is officially releasing her very own solo single, title “Too Young” – this will be the first track released off of her upcoming EP “CROWNS,” which is due out later in 2018.

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Selena’s sound is very sultry, indie-pop and and the singer/songwriter counts Frank Ocean and Taylor Swift as some of her musical influences. Selena grew up playing the guitar and the piano, and she and has been writing music since high school, stating that songwriting was therapeutic in dealing with her severe social anxiety.

“My favorite part about making music is the songwriting process and telling a story directly influenced by my surroundings. I tend to be a wallflower and I like to really observe, listen, and remember obscure details about people – which I use in my songs,” says Selena about her music.

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Her debut single, “Too Young,” is a groovy, vibey single that Selena wrote and produced herself. The music video was directed by Baz and shot in Los Angeles.

“I wrote ‘Too Young’ about that boy that you know is a mistake, but with a little liquid courage you always go running back to. In the song, I own up to not making the best choices and I do not feel bad or ashamed about it. It’s a feel good song! Maybe one day I’ll make better choices. I got time,” explains Selena about her newest single.

Check out the exclusive release of Selena’s debut music video HERE, and be sure to check her out and follow along on her musical journey.


Photos by Nesrin Danan

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