Go Selena! 6 Reasons Why Zedd Is Better Than Bieber


News has spread quickly on Selena and Zedd’s budding romance. While many beliebers want to die, cry, and burn Zedd’s house down, we are stoked that Selena is taking the less douchey route. Why is Zedd better than Justin Bieber? See our 6 reasons below!

1. Zedd grows far better facial hair than Biebs could ever dream of.

2. Zedd drinks liquids like a cute nerd. Justin drinks water like… well, a douchebag.



3. Zedd is really happy with his red BMW. Justin seems upset by his brand new Fisker.


4. Zedd looks like this in denim. Bieber looks like that in denim.

5. Justin copies Jared Leto. Zedd is friends with Jared Leto.

6. Bieber wore a tank top for his ALS ice bucket challenge. Zedd didn’t.

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