Selena Gomez Visited Radio Disney & Had All the Feels

It’s been a long time since Selena Gomez dropped down and got her Disney on, but today Sele decided it was half past time she went back to her roots.

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This afternoon on Selena’s Instagram story, she posted a series of videos of her visit to the Radio Disney studios.

“I’m in all the feels right now,” Selena told her iPhone camera, before taking a brief pause and then squeaking out, “I’m back,” as she clapped her hand over her heart.


And just in case people didn’t understand she was being sincere, next Selena posted a picture of the Radio Disney logo, under which she wrote the word “Loyal.”

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After a couple of minutes she posted another video, proving just how far back she went with Radio Disney.

“So this is actually where I got my first job ever. This building. I had to check in here,” Selena said, pointing to a desk. “And then I went upstairs to get my first job ever so it’s so cool to be back here.”


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