Selena and The Weeknd Had a Very Lit Saturday Night at the Golf Course

You’ll never believe what Selena and The Weeknd did this weekend.

They spent their Saturday night hanging out in Texas with her family, playing 54 thrilling holes of mini golf.

So lit, right?

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How did two relatively cool people in their mid-twenties end up in such a predicament?

Well, it all started simply when Selena went to see The Weeknd’s concert for the millionth time and brought her cousin Priscilla along to spice things up.

Still got it.

A post shared by Priscilla DeLeon (@pmdeleon22) on

Presumably after the show, Selena, Priscilla, and the Weeknd hung out. One thing led to another and before you know it, the next night they all went to play mini golf together.

Priscilla even let her fiancé come along to make it even more of a family affair!

And The Weeknd brought his producer friend NicNac along so it wouldn’t be a lame double date!

Honestly, who doesn’t want to spend their Saturday night handling balls with your bf and your fam until somebody gets too tired?

Count me in.

[H/T Teen Vogue]

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