Selena Skipped The Weeknd’s Birthday But Paid the $30k Bar Tab

Selena Gomez has a puzzling relationship with The Weeknd.

First she let the paparazzi catch them kissing behind a dumpster, then she decided to become Instagram official with him, only to change her mind a few hours later, and now she’s skipping out on his birthday, but still dropping $30k to cover his alcohol consumption.

That’s strange, right?

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On Monday night, The Weeknd celebrated his 27th birthday at overpriced adult arcade Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood, and according to TMZ, even though 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Travis Scott and Migos were all on the guest list, Selena decided to skip it.

Still, even though Selena was one of the few A-listers in New York for Fashion Week, she allegedly left her credit card behind to make it up to her new maybe boyfriend.

Spending $30,000 so your maybe boyfriend and his friends could get drunk?

Must be love.

Or at least some great hanky panky.


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