This Just In, Selena Gomez Hates Social Media

At a recent press conference for her upcoming Netflix drama about teenage suicide, Selena Gomez took the time to make it clear she hates social media with every fiber of her being.

“It’s hard, it’s hard right now,” Selena told the crowd of hungry journalists surrounding her. “Like, I can’t stand social media.”

Mind you, Selena Gomez is currently the second most followed person on Instagram and the 14th most followed person on Twitter.


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She continued: “I can’t stand what they’re looking at. I can’t stand what they think is reality.”

While it’s unclear whether this statement is meant to imply Selena can’t stand herself, or merely the fact that her followers think her Instagram photos reflect her real life — which is theoretically the whole point of social media, but hey, I’m not an influencer so what do I know — you can practically feel the rage oozing out of Selena’s cherubic pores.

Looks like she has something in common with her ex who famously said he was pretty darn sure Instagram was the devil.

Guess they had more in common than just puppy lust, huh?

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