Selena Gomez Gets Cheeky In Brand New Butt Pic

A few short hours after the world learned Selena Gomez and the Weeknd like to kiss each other on the mouth while the paparazzi are watching, Selena got cheeky in a brand new butt pic.

Beauty and the Beast

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While most of Selena’s fans commented on the picture with some variation of “mommy,” “queen,” or “shook,” some couldn’t resist pointing out it seemed a little hypocritical of Selena.

Back in November, when Selena made her glorious return back to public life at the American Music Awards, she gave a speech about how she didn’t want to see girls getting half-naked on Instagram.

“I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram. I want to see what’s in here,” Selena said, pointing to her heart.

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At the time, we thought Selena was probably trying to say, “There’s more to life than getting thotty on Instagram, so make sure you don’t post those kinds of pics because you think you have to,” rather than, “Stop getting thotty on Instagram, it’s not a good look,” and this picture only confirms our suspicions.

Plus, Selena’s got a lot of hella young fans who legit might benefit form hearing a famous person tell them they don’t have to be thotty just because grown ass people are and that’s probably who the remark was directed towards in the first place.

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Could she have said it a little clearer?


Should we hold it against her and call her a hypocrite?

Unless she goes on Ellen tomorrow and starts ranting about how women who get thotty on Instagram are abominations and need to find Jesus ASAP, no.

Feels good to be back to the realm of public opinion, doesn’t it Selena?

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