What Selena’s Lyrical Drink Choices Say About Her

One of the easiest ways to show the world you’re not a child anymore is to start singing about alcohol in your songs. And over her past couple of albums, Selena Gomez has taken this tactic to heart.

While she might not *technically* write every word to every song of hers, she chooses them all for a reason. And if she didn’t like what they seemed to say about her, she wouldn’t record them.

Here’s what we can learn about Selena from her various alcohol shoutouts.

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“It Ain’t Me”

“I had a dream / we were sipping whiskey neat”


“The Bowery, whiskey neat, grateful, I’m so grateful”

It’s a stereotype as old as time, but whenever a girl finds herself at a bar with boy not just drinking whiskey, but actively talking about how she’s drinking whiskey, she’s telegraphing to the world that she’s not a regular girl, she’s a chill girl.

Chill girls love whiskey because it’s what dudes drink when they’re trying to telegraph how ruggedly masculine they are.

And since Selena insists on specifying over and over again that she’s drinking her whiskey neat, we know she’s really leaning into this chill girl persona hard.

No shade though, it’s a very mid-twenties girl move.

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“The Heart Wants What it Wants”

“You got me sipping on something / I can’t compare to nothing I’ve ever known”

Whenever Disney girls really decide to distance themselves from their squeaky clean image, they have to lean in to being grown.

In “The Heart Wants What it Wants,” one of her first adult singles, Selena wants you to know that she’s consumed a lot of different kinds of alcohol.

“Hands to Myself”

“You’re metaphorical gin and juice.”

When you hear the words “gin and juice,” images of baby 90s Snoop Dogg immediately start crip walking through your head.

So when Selena says “gin and juice” she wants you to know that she knows who Snoop Dogg is. And she likes him.

AKA she’s a cool girl who drinks her whiskey neat and consumes many kinds of alcohol.

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“When the bottle’s done you pull me closer / and you’re saying all the things that you’re supposed to / but you don’t know how to love me when you’re sober.”

Selena may have gone to rehab, but this lyric is for all the haters who say she was secretly there because of alcohol instead of lupus.

She may have been hitting the bottle — which was probably filled with the many types of alcohol 22-year-old Selena sang about — but she wasn’t the one who had the problem. It was her ex whose name rhymes with Schmustin Scmieber.

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