This Leaked Selena Gomez Song Is Definitely the New ‘Sorry’

If you’ve totally played out Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” (and who hasn’t?) then we’ve got a great surprise for you this morning.

After teasing the song on Instagram last month, Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth just released a heartbreak anthem that’s just as “Sorry.”

Selena and Charlie’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is destined to make you dance but also has the potential to make you drunk text your ex. It features a beach-y beat and a dreamy duet that seems like it could belong in your favorite 80s movie.

If you’re single, the incoming V-Day vibes probably have you reminiscing about your ex, and the lyrics of this track can hit close to home. Charlie Puth croons about how “Even after all this time I still wonder why I can’t move on, just the way you did so easily.” Even if you’re not still broken up about an ex, we’ve all got that one person that we don’t talk to anymore and sometimes occasionally miss late night chats with.

Single or taken, heartbroken or lovestruck, you’re sure to enjoy this groovy track by Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez. And if Selena and Justin are going to continue one-upping each other with incredible dance-y breakup tracks, we are so here for it.

Photo via Youtube

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