Selena’s “Bad Liar” Premiere Was Kinda Wack

Another day, another perfectly fine single release botched by a streaming app.

After teasing “Bad Liar” for a week now, at midnight Selena Gomez finally unleashed her new single — and music video — on the world.

The song itself is deliciously catchy and song of the summer-level good, but the Spotify video premiere didn’t exactly go off without a hitch.

There was a catch, and it’s kind of a big one — or a very small one, depending on how you look at it.

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At midnight, Selena announced that both the audio and the video for “Bad Liar” were free to enjoy exclusively on Spotify, which means she probably made a massive deal with the streaming service, which means lots of money in Sele’s pocket.

Good for her. Being a celebrity is expensive.

While Selena’s hardly the first artist to make their new song a Spotify exclusive, Spotify isn’t exactly known for being a music video streaming service. This is reportedly its first music video premiere ever — and there’s a good reason for it.

Spotify sucks at playing music videos.

Or at least it sucks at playing Selena’s music video.

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Maybe it was a part of the contract, but the only way you can watch “Bad Liar” right now is by watching a very, very, VERY small version of it.

By which we don’t mean you can only watch clips of it, we mean the music video itself is small.

Like we’re talking just slightly larger than an avatar small.


Although if you scroll up, which Spotify doesn’t tell you is even an option, you’ll be taken to a slightly larger version of the music video that looks like this:


Full screen is not an option – this is as large as it gets.

And if you watch it on your phone, Spotify won’t let you take screenshots. Just try it – they’ll come up as a blank screen, like this.


And on top of all that, you not only need a Spotify membership to watch the video. You also have to have the Spotify app on your computer. We’ve tried to play it in browser mode and it just doesn’t work.

It’s possible that Spotify botched the world premiere of Selena’s new video due to tech glitches, but there’s also a chance Selena wanted it this way.

Because just like how she teased “Bad Liar” to the world for a week now, this tiny music video is also a tease.

It doesn’t matter if you watch it multiple times, it’ll still just make you want to watch the full size version as soon as it’s available.

Since Selena already whetted our appetites for content, when she releases the music video on Vevo in a few hours or a few days, the people will flock to it.

And at the end of the day, if you’re a musician launching new material, you want people to be foaming at the mouth to take in your new content on as many platforms as humanly possible. Mostly because that’s what’ll get you the most money.

So even though this premiere is kinda wack, it’ll probably turn out to be a shrewd business strategy on Selena’s part.

Really, the only person who loses is you.

Life’s so fun, isn’t it?

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