Selena’s Still Wearing Skinny Jeans So You Can Too

Baggy pants might be all the rage right now, but let’s be real, as long as people’s asses continue to look right in skinny jeans, they’re not going anywhere.

Just ask Selena Gomez, who interrupted her regularly scheduled trendy clothing schedule to wear a pair of pants that are like, soooo last season.

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Wearing an outfit that clearly wasn’t supposed to be photographed, Selena was caught by a fan wearing last year’s denim trend in Toronto.

Can plebes like us wear skinny jeans without looking passé? Yes. Here’s how.

1. It’s gotta be cropped


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that most pants stop significantly short of your ankle these days.

Short hems are in, so at least if your skinny jeans are cropped, people can tell you got from the store semi-recently.

Buy these cropped skinny jeans here.

2. It’s gotta be distressed


If your jeans look like they’ve seen some shit, people will forgive them for adhering to yesterday’s trends.

You know, respect.

Buy these distressed skinny jeans here.

3. It’s gotta be high-waisted


High-waisted denim’s days are numbered, but for as long as 90s fashion trends stick around, people will keep buying high-waisted pants like these.

But think twice before you go investing in any extra-pricey high-waisted pieces.

Mom jeans might still be in, but lower abs are coming back with a vengeance.

Buy these high-waited skinny jeans to hold you over here.

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4. Preferably, it’ll be all of the above


Because let’s be real, nothing says 2017 better than a pair of denim that looks a little extra.

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