See Which Of Your Favorite Rock Chicks Were Inspired By Gwen Stefani

It’s an amazing time for music, and we’re seeing some seriously badass ladies stealing the spotlight. Today, we’re celebrating with a cyber bow-down to the women who paved the way—we polled a few of our biggest girl crushes who rock, asking them who they would crown as their ultimate music queen. No surprises here—Gwen Stefani’s fashion and stage presence still establishes her as the ultimate inspiration. See who Jessica Pratt and Mish Way credit for their own work, below.

Marianne Faithfull, Jessica Pratt, Women Who Rock, Galore

Jessica Pratt : Marianne Faithfull
“She’s such an iconic figure—she suffered so much, but is also wildly intelligent and led a really interesting life.”


Mish Way (White Lung): Christina Martinez
“I remember getting an old 1991 issue of Flipside, or some magazine like that in the early 2000’s. Inside, there was an article on Christina Martinez. She had her band Boss Hog, with her husband Jon Spencer, and she was working at Allure magazine at the same time. Reading about Cristina just made me realize I could do magazines and do music.”



Effie Liu: Gwen Stefani
“She’s like the ultimate performer to me—everything she does is 100. From her flawless hairstyles to her outfits to her stage presence, she owns all of it!”


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