See The Craziest Celebrity Lookalikes of 2015

It may be common for people to say, ‘you got it from your mama,’ or, ‘are you sure you and your brother aren’t twins?’ But imagine people stopping you to say, ‘OMG it’s Taylor Swift!’ Well, for these people, being mistaken for celebrities is just their daily life experience. Now all we need to do is find the Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling lookalikes—we’re coming for you.

  1. Kristy Lee and Taylor Swift. Can’t shake off the feeling they’re twins? Neither can we.


2. Jacky Vasquez and Ariana Grande. Nope, that’s not Ariana.


3. Olivia Herdt and Cara Delevingne. So there are two people who won the genetic eyebrow lottery…cool.


4. Chelsea Marr and Angelina Jolie. Dammit Chelsea.


5. Mystery Girl and Emma Watson. She’s probably pretty bummed she didn’t try out for Hermione.


6. Ty Jones and Ed Sheeran. I’m actually not sure which is which.


7. Zubaida Tharwat and Jennifer Lawrence. Since she was an actress in the 50’s and J-Law is an actress now, they can’t be twins…right?


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