Scott’s “Rehab” Is Just A Glorified Peyote Trip

This is so Scott: It’s been revealed that the rehab he checked himself into after his booze-fuelled Atlantic City adventure is a little, shall we say, unorthodox. The Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica helps patients look deep inside themselves to find out what triggers their addictions….with the aid of a hallucinogenic African shrub called Iboga (which is banned in the US). The rehab calls the experience a “vision quest” but it’s pretty clearly a glorified Peyote trip, except this one comes with the added expense of rehab and lasts a max of seven weeks. Just the thought of tripping for seven straight weeks is making my stomach turn, but LD is no stranger to druggy adventures, like when he downed an entire bottle of prescription meds and landed in the hospital last fall. It’s cool that Scott is attempting to get on the straight and narrow (again), but is taking more drugs really the best way to curb an alcohol addiction?! Whatever works for you, boo boo!


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