Meet The First Transgender Man To Be Cast In A Recurring Role On Broadcast TV

Galore girls, meet Scott Turner Schofield, a female to male transgender performer.

A renowned diversity speaker and author/performer of one man shows like “Underground TRANSit”, “Debutante Balls“, and “Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps,” last week Scott made history by becoming America’s first openly transgender male to be cast in a reoccurring role on Broadcast Television.  What’s the role you ask?  Why, only ever actor’s dream part: the female lead’s best friend on a soap opera.  I never thought I’d be saying this, but thanks, CBS.


If you’re not familiar with CBS’s long-running soap The Bold and The Beautiful, and what woman under the age of forty five really is, for the past month now the soap’s plot has centered around Maya Avant, a high profile model living with an even higher profile secret: she’s transgender (and her super serious boyfriend doesn’t know).

Now before you get too excited, no, Kara Mosley isn’t transgender herself.  Once you’ve been on a soap opera for two years, the writers have to do something to spice things up and keep you interesting.  Despite all our country’s faults, at least in 2015, “interesting” is the word being used to describe this transgender plot twist instead of say, “gross” or “offensive.”


While thus far Scott’s screen time as Nick, Maya’s transgender LA friend, has been limited to a super short pep talk, the sky’s the limit for what damage this so-called friend can do.  Who knows, maybe Nick will end up running off with Nick, Maya’s fiancé, this is 2015 after all.

In the meantime, for more Scott, here’s his 2013 Tedx Talk.

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