The Super Bowl Commercial That’s Already Been Banned for Being Too Sexy

The Super Bowl may be the biggest night in football, but it’s an even bigger night for commercials, with price tags for 30-second spots averaging at $4.5 million.

But there’s one commercial you won’t see on Sunday night because it was deemed too controversial: an ad for a little strip club called Scores. 



Few things go together as well as professional athletes and strippers, and football players are no exception. Just ask Ronnie Hillman of the Denver Broncos, Curtis Granderson of the Detroit Tigers, Jeremy Shockey of the New Orleans Saints, and a slew of other guys we don’t have time to mention. 

While the athletes who play professional football are super into strippers, CBS, the network that airs the Super Bowl, isn’t. According to TMZ, they turned down the Scores ad because it “didn‘t meet the standards of the NFL.”

While in the past the “standards of the NFL” have included allowing men who were found cheating, arrested for domestic abuse, and allegedly murdering somebody to keep on playing after paying a fine and taking some time off, we understand that the sight of a group of women gyrating in their underwear can be very threatening. 

Even though the advertisement is maybe the most PG representation of a strip club we’ve ever seen outside of a sitcom, we guess the NFL had to draw the line somewhere. 

Maybe next year, Scores. 

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