Scientists Are Making the Easiest Acne Cure Ever

If you’ve ever been subjected to acne — and let’s be real, who hasn’t? — then you know what a struggle it is to try a million products to no avail.

Sure, a face wash or a medication might help for a little, but you could have a flare up randomly months later, not to mention the side effects that intense anti-acne treatments can cause.

There’s really no “cure” to acne due to the fact that scientists don’t know exactly what causes acne, but they are starting to work on something big that could change acne problems in the future.

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In fact, a group of scientists at the University of California, San Diego are working on a legit acne vaccine, according to Allure.

This is great news, but like most great news, there’s a catch. The vaccine won’t be here for a while. The scientists are likely starting test trials soon, but that could take up to one to two years.

Bummer, but you also probably don’t want to get rando vaccines unless you know that it’s for sure going to clear your acne and not ruin your life.

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We wonder if anti-vaccers are going to come around to vaccines once they realize it can fix their face? Just saying.

In the mean time, maybe you should try this magic foundation?

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