Science Has Determined the ‘Best’ Possible Number of Sex Partners

Since your first time watching American Pie, you’ve probably been concerned with knowing everyone’s number.

You know it’s none of your business. But you want to know how many guys your new roommate has banged, how many girls your current boo thang has slept with, and how many notches are on your arch enemy’s bedpost.

For guys, we assume they’re adding (or multiplying) by three. For girls, we assume they’re subtracting by three. Even if they’re not experts at math, you never know if you’re being told the truth in regards to someone’s sex number.

And of course, women bear the brunt of this double standard. Sure, you might raise an eyebrow if your new guy’s slept with 50+ people. But you’ll probably still bang him.

If a girl throws out a number over 15, though, it can change some guys’ perception of her entirely. Some guys might even start ranting to your face about how they need a “good girl.”

That’s why every time you date a new idiot and he asks the age old question “how many guys have you slept with?” you go through a new internal struggle. Should you tell him the truth and leave all the cards on the table? Should you actually divide by three and pretend you never had that wild phase in your freshman year of college? Or should you choose a random number somewhere in the middle that says “I’ve had experience, but I still have standards”?

While I personally think that you should be honest about your number in every circumstance (after all, if a guy judges you based on your sex number, you don’t want to date him anyway), I’m sure there are plenty of people who will lie about it anyway.

So here’s what science says you should do. If you are going to lie, say that your number is 10. Why 10? A study done by the British website Illicit Encounters recently conducted a poll which found that both men and women view the number 10 as the ideal number of sexual partners for a potential match to have.

While we’re impressed to see that both men and women are on the same playing field for once, it’s still upsetting to see people be so judgmental on someone’s sexual history. Plus 10 feels just a tad low, no?

In reality, the best number of sexual partners is whatever you feel comfortable with. Anyone who thinks 10+ is too many is a judgmental buzzkill and you don’t need that in your life.

But luckily, only 35% of women and 30% of men said that they are interested in knowing the precise sexual history of a partner. We agree. While it’s tempting to ask for someone’s sexual history, it’s really not something you’ll ever need to know.

Photo via Working Prowess

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