Change Your Scent, Change Your Mood


If you don’t live in Southern California, you are probably over the freezing weather by now. The quickest way to change your mood in the midst of these gloomy days is to trick your senses. Instead of using deep antique scents, opt for fresher ones. Spring is full of citrus and florals, so why not apply those directly to your skin? It’s sure to lighten your mood and help draw out the brighter side of your personality. Scents bring circulation to your life! You’ll circulate the negative out and the positive in. What you release out to the world is what you’ll attract to yourself. The cleaner you smell, the happier you’ll feel and hopefully others will benefit from your overall lighter aura. Check out some chic scents that are sure to remove those wintertime blues.

  1. See By Chloé Eau Fraîche –> This fragrance makes you feel like you’re a blooming flower. Even if it’s snowing everywhere you look, these airy florals feel like you’ve been transported to Paris on a sunny day.
  2. Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique –> Finally a modern twist on a classic scent! If you prefer citrus smells, this is sure to add some zest to your daily beauty routine.
  3. Karl Lagerfeld Eau De Parfum –> Who doesn’t want to be as sophisticated as Karl?  Most elegant scents tend to be filled with dark notes, but this fragrance feels like you are sniffing the freshest bouquet.
  4. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum –> There isn’t a scent that has more personalities than this one. It transitions magically alongside the usual array of day to day activities. If you are looking to invest in a year round perfume, this is your best choice.
  5. Comme Des Garcons Serpentine –> Here we have a tomboy’s dream. This unisex product juxtaposes the heavy smells of nature perfectly with the lighter scents of air. If you panic at the thought of florals, these tender greens should help you conquer your fears.
galore_mag_fragrance_diorSee By Chloé Eau FraîcheBottega Veneta Essence AromatiqueKarl Lagerfeld Eau De ParfumMiss Dior Eau de ParfumComme Des Garcons Serpentine

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