Scarlett Johansson Is More Than A Dime

Scarlett Johansson recently starred as Barbara Sugarman in Don Jon, a surprisingly thoughtful comedy that takes a clever look at the porn industry and its effect on our relationships. Using a scale of one to ten, Jon, (played by Joseph Gordon Levett who wrote and directed the film,) rates the women he meets at a local club. Jon rates Barbara a ten, or, as he calls it, a “dime.”

The rating system is designed to be satirical, though. It’s obviously bullshit to put a person’s beauty on a scale of one to ten, and we can all agree that Johansson rises above that scale.

The actress definitely had to reinvent herself for the role, putting on an Eastern Massachusetts accent and a raising her voice a lot. Abandoning her usual deadpan, she made Barbara Sugarman come to life. Though she plays a self-centered princess, you’ll be happy that she has a lot of screen time. To celebrate how far she’s come as an actress, here’s a look back at some of her other great roles.

1. Ghost World (2001)
Johannson plays opposite Thora Birch in one of my favorite movies of all time. She nails the monotone delivery of a disaffected teenager.
Ghost World poster
2. Lost in Translation (2003)
She is the perfect choice for the quiet, understated feel of this Sofia Coppola movie.
3. Match Point (2005)
Johansson seemed to be Woody Allen’s muse for a little while. Naturally she plays the femme-fatale.
4. The Avengers (2012)
The only female Avenger in the film. She totally kicks ass and looks amazing doing it.
5. The Perfect Score (2004)
She helps redeem this mediocre teenage comedy. Johansson plays a badass chick who can hold her own.
By: Rachael Roth

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