How Scared Should You Be Of The Zika Virus?

With the outbreak of another infectious virus comes the mandatory American major media-fueled freakout. Zika, a disease transmitted by mosquitos, now linked to various birth defects, has broken out in regions of South and Central American, as well as some parts of the Caribbean.

People are especially buggin’ (ha ha, pun intended) about the possibility of a globalized spread, since so many from around the world visited Brazil for the Olympics back in August.

Do you, Ms. Galore girl, have anything to fear? Let’s look to The New York Times:

“What we in North America have to worry about is whether the Asian tiger mosquito can become a more effective transmitter of the virus to humans. If that happened, we would face a very serious risk of an outbreak here.”

The World Health Organization committee will be holding a meeting on Monday to decide a course of action, or basically, whether or not to declare Zika a global health emergency. Either way, according to the New York Times once more, doctors and scientists were aware that the mosquitos spreading Zika were a threat that would at some point have to be contended with:

“Just as we should have anticipated that a deadly hemorrhagic disease caused by the Ebola virus would emerge one day from the remote forests and threaten the vast slums of the rapidly growing megacities of Africa. We should now anticipate that the MERS virus will result in more deadly outbreaks outside of the Arabian Peninsula, as it did in Seoul, South Korea. We should anticipate that viruses such as Venezuelan equine encephalitis may spread from their jungle homes and be even more deadly than Zika.”

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