7 WTF Moments From Scandal Last Night

1. When we open with Olivia drinking liquor (lack of wine = cry for help) FROM THE BOTTLE while wandering around her apartment with a gun in hand


2. Oh wait! Huck isn’t his real name….hello Diego Munoz


3. Am I the only one that thinks Senator Ross has something up her sleeve? All that weirdness seems like its hiding something…..else.


4. I thought Huck and Quinn were bizarro-killer soulmates? Now he’s trying to go back to the picket fence life with his ex-wife? You can’t lick faces and pull teeth in a cul-de-sac bro.


5. Why are they wasting Jake’s hotness and soulful, puppy eyes on cast-off scenes with Huck and David? Olivia really needs to put this beautiful man out of his misery….and slide him over for others to enjoy.


6. So Huck exposes them all in a fit of PTSD and David is going to let it slide for the sake of returning to the self-righteous loser he was before?


7. The promo for next week featuring Lena Dunham in one of the ugliest wigs in living memory. Why did they do you like that girl?


Ugh…..See you next Thursday.

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