Say What You Will About Kanye, This Video Is Adorable


Everybody has a strong opinion about Kanye—”He’s just so awkward!” my brother’s girlfriend tells me. “I just don’t understand why he has to always voice his opinion. Nobody cares what you have to say, Kanye,” another chimes in.


I couldn’t care less about his personality, and generally just feel grateful that he’s around to make the songs I love. Either way, nobody can deny that this clip of Kanye rapping with his mama is adorable. His mother, Donda West died in 2007 from plastic surgery complications and a pre-existing heart condition. Does the name sound familiar? Kanye named his design company, DONDA after her, and continues to reference her in his music. After her death, Kanye also publicly went through a deep depression, which he claims lasted until he started dating Kim Kardashian. In one of his more recent songs, “Only One”, he writes that his mother is singing through him, from heaven, to his daughter North West. Never forget that ‘Celebrities? They’re Just Like Us!’—they love their moms too!

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