What to Say When Old People Roast Our Generation

These days, millennials are getting roasted for being shallow, vain, and lazy, and are even being accused of being “the worst generation ever.” Here’s why we’re actually awesome.

“All you do is spend time on your phone all day”

Something that is unique to our generation is that we are at the bleeding edge of technology, and the world of social media is at our finger tips. Not only did we invent meme culture, but we also used platforms like tumblr to tap into niche subcultures that embrace every unique individual. The free exchange of media and the fact that we are more globally interconnected than ever only fuels our art loving and social justice championing spirits, and allows us to seek refuge in online communities when we feel ostracized by our real ones.

“All this #selfie nonsense is so narcissistic”

In a world where people are constantly ridiculed for simply being who they are, we could use a little room for some self love. Some people accuse the reverse-camera feature to be the biggest enabler of narcissism, but people really shouldn’t be accused of personality disorder for feeling confident in the way they look. At the end of the day, the root of all our narcissistic problems won’t be snapping a cute picture of our flawless makeup or new sunglasses, so if you’re feeling yourself today, don’t be afraid to show the world!

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“You guys are lazy and entitled”

Millennials are known to chase after “free stuff” and not wanting to actually work hard to get what they want. The truth is, our generation will have to work 5x harder than previous generations to escape the crushing weight of student loan debt or find a reasonably priced house.  According to a New York Times study, members of the graduating class of 2015 left their campuses owning an average of $35,051, which was twice more than their counterparts who graduated two decades earlier (after adjusting for inflation), and college becomes increasingly less affordable with a 234% rise in tuition since 1993. While still recovering from mounting student debt, we will also be paying much higher rents, as 50 of the largest metro areas are approaching its peak in rent prices.

“You’ll never know what good music is”

Calling rap music “trashy” is not only merely a matter of opinion, but it is a matter of racist opinion. Many adults like to condemn rap music, but may be subconsciously condemning the cultural rise to prominence of black, urban communities. The genre first gained popularity in the U.S in the 1970’s, as an artistic expression often laced with socio-political critique of the harsh, racist, impoverished realities that black americans had to endure. Also, modern streaming platforms like Spotify and Sound Cloud expose us to so many different, indie music scenes, giving rise to the extreme popularity of music festivals and making alternative music more accessible to explore than ever.

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“You guys don’t pay attention to the news”

Actually, we have proven to be very keen on social justice issues and are the most inclusive generation who accept people regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. We give major brownie points to those who are labeled as “woke”, and even revitalized the youth voter turn out through our support for 2016 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, who earned 1,500,000+ of our votes. People think we are too self-absorbed to actually make a difference, but the vast turn out of young people at protests like the women’s march and our activeness in voicing our political opinions in general says otherwise.

“Love and romance is dead”

While the popularity of hook up culture feeds a desire for instant gratification, we also are moving past an era when girls were slut shamed for having multiple sexual partners, or thought of as too brash for making the first move. There are a lot of inherently sexist problems with the traditional boy-meets-girl courtship system, and it’s definitely a tradition that we’d like to ditch. Besides, dating apps like tinder are definitely not the reason that meaningful relationships cannot be formed, and it is just simply crazy to say that our generation doesn’t have an immense capacity for love.

“You guys have no manners”

Just because we don’t carry out surface gestures like holding the door for people as often or only wear skirts that fall below our knees, that is still no indication that we are any less decent than generations before us. A true reflection of good character comes from being there for your friends, being honest, selfless, and loving unconditionally – not minding your p’s and q’s or folding your hands together.

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