Say Lou Lou Is All About Girl Power

We have been listening to “Nothing But A Heartbeat” on repeat by Swedish sister duo, Say Lou Lou. Thank goodness it’s only a few short weeks away until their new album Lucid Dreaming drops April 6. We caught up with the pop babes to chat about the true secret to being sexy, plus the girls dish on the best way to celebrate girl power (and we couldn’t agree with them more).

Galore Mag - Say Lou Lou - Lucid Dreaming

First things first, we are dying to hear more about your upcoming record. Tell us a little about the moments that went into creating Lucid Dreaming.
Miranda: I think the record is mostly about our lives and everything up until now: relationships, experiences, feelings, trust. There are several different versions of how we got there: films, music, people, art, everything. It’s a big mix, but in terms of music you can’t just say that we’re just one artist and we sound anything like that artist but in general we love Kate Bush and we love Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Chromatics, David Bowie, etc. Places we have been a lot: we have been to London, Stockholm and a bit in L.A.

And speaking of the goddess, what’s your favorite Kate Bush song?
Elektra: Definitely, at the moment, “Cloudbusting”.

What movie or time period you would steal all your clothes from?
Miranda: Probably late ’70s or early ’80s.
Elektra: In terms of films, definitely just Anna Karina in general.

Galore - Mag - Say Lou Lou - Anna Karina

What’s the secret to feeling sexy and confident in your own skin?
Elektra: For us it’s being aware of things that make you feel like yourself. When you dress up or feel over the top or if you wear something that doesn’t feel like you, your attitude is affected by it. Always wearing things that make you feel like yourself.
Miranda: Also, I think surrounding yourself with positivity and people who give you energy instead of take energy from you. I think it’s easy to become self-conscious when your surrounded by people who are very fake and shallow.
Elektra: When you work in the music industry, film, or fashion industry people can be very conniving and people can talk bad about each other and be competitive. I think it’s important to have a core group in your life who make you feel good and feel real…I think that makes you feel confident when you go out into the world.

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What’s the best way to celebrate girl power?
Miranda: You can start by talking about other women they way you want them to talk about you. Stop being judgmental and commenting on what other people like all the time. Be positive and look at what women are good at and things you like about their personality, the way they dress and the way they look. Women should be positive and give each other credit. It’s also important to say you believe in girl power and feminism. Wear it on your sleeve.

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