Iskra Lawrence‘s Post Junkfood Binge Skin Savers

Ever check out curve-licious Aerie model Iskra Lawrence‘s Instagram? It’s all about food, food, food. Just a few days ago, she gave us a food-gasm by posting a frosting and strawberry covered 4th of July cake. A little scroll down reveals her obsession with donuts and pizza. When we asked her what the deal was, she revealed “I actually cook at home everyday and rarely eat out (not very NYC) so I treat myself to a burger or pizza every week. My guilty pleasures are definitely Nutella, European chocolate (not Hershey) and milkshakes!”

Alright, so maybe Iskra’s life isn’t as much of a junkfood extravaganza as it seems (nothing on Insta ever is!) But greasy pizza and a burger per week does not seem condusive to a model’s clear, fair skin. How does she rescue herself from pimple hell? Here’s the ideal weekly routine to dry up the grease and smoothe out the bumps!

1. Once weekly: purifying and oxygenating mask.

2. Twice daily cleansing oil.

3. Twice daily toner after cleansing.

4. Nightly skin moisturizing detox.

5. Hourly T-Zone blotting.

Photo: Matther Comer

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