Sarah Parker Of BunnyDreamz On Turning Her Tumblr Into A Fashion Mecca

Sarah Parker has achieved every millennial’s dream: she’s gone from Tumblr queen to full blown creative director of her own line, up and coming artist, and even makeup designer. Within the same week she released her glitter brow gel designed with GBY, Sarah opened an art show, hustled on myriad of projects, AND worked a day job. How does one girl do it all? Keep reading to find out.

How did you create Bunny Dreamz?

I was just tired of wearing everything, all my clothes seemed old and played out to me, everyone was on a “trend” of wearing the same things and looking the same. It made me not want to shop anywhere. I started getting ideas from going to thrift stores, where I’d see something I liked and want to either change it or wear it differently. I decided to take it even further and create my own line! It was awesome, I had played with the idea in the past when I designed for the OF girls’ line. I kind of had idea of how to start a line from that, and so I did. 

Your favorite part of working on BunnyDreamz?

When I think of a great idea and write it down or draw it out, that’s my favorite part. That’s when I feel the most creative and like I’m doing something. Then seeing my ideas go from paper to something real that I can hold in my hands and wear! That’s amazing to me!, and it still amazes me after all this time.

You recently had an Art Show on Melrose. Tell us a bit about it?

It was awesome to see that people wanted to come out and see my work! Even people I had never met before showed up. It’s still up, and you can check it out at Fred Segal Melrose in Mauro’s Café. Also, that café is amazing: great food and coffee!

Was it crazy working on the eyebrow glitter, putting together your art show, and running BunnyDreamz at the same time?

I try not to stress on the little things, but I’m also a Virgo and OCD, so everything is a bit more dramatic for me. I was up painting till 5am, and working at Melody Ehsani on Fairfax, running BunnyDreamz and getting ready for a holiday drop, and working an event for Perrier as well! On top of that, I was getting ready for the Gittler Gel drop and taking photos for my blogs so I stay relevant and don’t fall off the face of the Earth. With all that, though, sometimes falling off the face of the Earth sounds nice! But I’m so thankful to be busy: I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What was your biggest career breakthrough?

I’m not sure if I’ve had one yet; I’m still broke! But great things take time, so I’m being patient. I work so I’m not a complete starving artist who has to use my food money for paint. I’m coolin, but I know so much more is to come. For that reason, I’m happy not to have broken through yet.

What’s next for you?

The world! But of the tangible things, Art Basel *fingers crossed* and a BunnyDreamz holiday drop. And more art, but that’s forever.

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