Sarah Hyland Shares Makeup Disasters & Red Carpet Glam Secrets

Our Young Hollywood issue is graced by stunning cover girl – Sarah Hyland. During her Galore Mag photoshoot, we decided to steal some of her beauty secrets. It turns out, this bombshell has an easy to manage and easy to follow skincare regimen. From her makeup disasters to her red carpet glam squad secrets, Sarah dishes out her biggest beauty secrets.


What was your weirdest beauty moment ever or biggest makeup mistake?

In the 9th grade and before I found out what Sephora was, my mom would only let me buy makeup at Bath & Body Works so I wore this weird mint green eyeshadow everyday. It was way too shimmery.

Best makeup tip you’ve ever received?

My mom taught me when I was younger to always take my foundation down to the bottom of my neck so that I don’t look like a clown!

What have you learned from constantly getting glammed by some of the best makeup artists?

My makeup artist Allan [Avendaño] taught me how to contour, but I can never contour like he does. It sometimes looks like warpaint [laughs].

Do you wear makeup on your days off?

It depends if I have a meeting and if I need to impress somebody. If I have to go out in public or go to a friends house, well it depends what friend, but the most makeup that I do wear if I don’t have to work, go to an event, birthday party or something like that is a little bit of concealer and some mascara.

What are your 3 favorite products?

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, always. Definitely my Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara.  But my #1 beauty product is water! Water just helps keep your skin clean and wrinkle free. It’s one of the best things you can do for you face and body.

If you could only save one thing in your entire makeup bag, what would it be?

Probably my mascara! My eyes are so big that without lashes they would look like alien eyes. Mascara tends to balance them out.

Rapid Fire Y/N:

Spray on tans?  No.

Extensions? Yes.

Thick Brows? YES!!!!!!!!

Hair Gel? No.

Crazy Long Nails? No.

Lip Gloss? No.

Middle Bangs? Yes.

Side Shave? Not on me, but yes.

Lip Liner? Always.

Ombre? Yes.


Photography: Jacob Dekat
Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa
Hair: Bobby Eliot
Makeup: Allan Avendaño
Styling: Henna Koskinen

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