August May Be Here, But Sarah Fisk Knows How To Make Summer Last Forever

The end of summer can be a hard time for everyone, especially a swim suit designer.  But before you start pouring one out for Sarah Fisk, the founder and creative life-force of California-based company Swim Like A Mermaid, you may want to cool it, because Sarah’s not stressing.  In addition to designing and making the cutest swimwear collection the West Coast has ever seen completely by hand, Sarah Fisk also knows how to make summer last forever.


Where did the idea for Swim Like A Mermaid come from?

SLM is the manifestation of my personal taste and values. I’ve always been adventurous, and its sometimes hard to find fashion that matches my desire for trendy, yet comfortable and flattering adventure attire. Particularly in swimwear, it’s very hard to find unique cuts that are flattering. So I began creating swimwear for myself several years ago, and as my friends began to request suits of their own, SLM was the organic byproduct.

What is it about the West Coast that makes it the best coast?

My best friends, my favorite adventures–from beaches to concerts, festivals, and hikes–everything I love is here! This place has been a place of love and growth for me. The fashion industry here has given me the platform to build this brand that I love, and the overall freedom, warmth, and bohemian spirit has given me the inspiration for the cuts and prints that each new collection features.

What kind of girl do you design for?

Mermaids, obviously! SLM is a brand that is meant for the free spirit, the wanderer, the brave-hearted woman, (or girl!), who wants to feel sexy, beautiful, and free. While SLM pieces are sold separately, they are meant to be worn as matching sets–little excursion outfits–that transition from the beach or a pool party to lunch with girlfriends or a festival.


What’s your advice for keeping the summer spirit alive, even when the weather starts to get cold?

Never stop exploring. The outdoors are a magical place, and each photoshoot that we do captures the beauty found from the beach to the desert, (you can follow our adventures at @swimlikeamermaid). The winter just means warm drinks instead of cold, heated pools instead of ocean dips. For me, the “summer spirit” is really just the adventure spirit–and that’s within all of us no matter the season!

Do you think there’s a way to keep wearing your bathing suits into the fall?

Absolutely–and I always do! Paired with leggings and your favorite cardigan, SLM becomes adorable, ultra comfortable fall attire. Our lovely customers are always sending us pictures of the adorable ways in which they style our tops as crop tops, and that’s the point of the line–trendy, flattering, versatile.

What’s your favorite suit you’ve ever designed?

This is such a hard question for me. Each of the suits I design–especially in the beginning when I was making them by hand–is a product of so much love and care. I work hard to make sure that the finished product reflects that, and each time we send out an order, it’s got a little piece of my heart, (and California sunshine!), with it.


I know a portion of your proceeds go towards a foundation to help defend the ocean from human pollution, how did you come to that decision?

I believe very strongly in applying my personal values to my business, so I want to give back. I know that we’re all in this together when it comes to our planet–we share a responsibility. We are the stewards of this beautiful planet and it’s magical waters, and any way in which I can uphold that I consider my privilege. I chose “Save the Mermaids” because they’re a group of girls working in such a holistic way through community education and local outreach.

Last but not least, do you really think girls run the world?

We’re a female-founded, female-run company! We believe in girl power, and we work hard to ensure that we choose the most accomplished women to work with. My sales team is female, my production is run (and largely staffed) by woman, my photographer is a woman, the list goes on.

I’ll take that as a yes.  

Check out more of Sarah’s designs at Swim Like a Mermaid’s website, and let them add some sex appeal to your feeds on Instagram and Facebook.

And learn how to get a body like Swim Like a Mermaid model Natalie Boras here.

All photos curtesy of Sarah Fisk
Photography by Emilynn Joseph.
Make up by Mariah Begnaud
Jewelry by Future Dawn Designs
Bomb ass modeling from Natalie Boras and Evelyn Valdivieso

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