Foster Sisters Go Anti-Reality Show On VH1’s Barely Famous


Have you ever noticed that the majority of Hollywood dwellers act as though they are fab celebrities who you’re lucky to share the air with, when in reality, nobody knows who the f*** they are? If you’re nodding and lol-ing, then you’re on the same page as sister babes Sara and Erin Foster. The two beauties decided to throw their manicured middle fingers up to “reality” TV and instead created the VH1 documentary-esque comedy – Barely Famous. The show will follow the two around their life in Los Angeles: working, dating, and what it’s like being a “normal” D-lister in the land of A-lister mentalities. We trust that the hilarious duo will not let us down, especially if Gigi and Bella are on board! Tune in tomorrow night for some laughs, awkward celeb run-ins, and booty calls.







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