Santa Baby: 4 Of The Sexiest X-Mas Moments In Pop Culture

Taking childhood memories and twisting them into depraved sexual moments can be the most satisfying act. It’s why schoolgirls are a pornography favorite and why Britney Spears became a sex symbol in the 90’s. It is also why sexy Christmas themes are a guaranteed sexual aphrodisiac. We hope your eyes are hungry, because here are the four sexiest Christmas moments in pop culture for you to feast on.

1. Mean Girls Jinglebell Rock: Let’s review the facts: Here the five hottest girls in high school in knee high black hooker boots and Santa themed corsets shimmying to Christmas jingles. It is probably safe to say that even the principal jizzed his jeans for that one.

2. Madonna’s Santa Baby: Madonna is the original sex symbol. She is also the original sexualization of innocence. Even her name is a perversion on a sacred figure. Therefore it was only right that she treat the classic Christmas anthem of a young woman attempting to butter up the white bearded guy into buying her everything on her Christmas list to her brand of Marilyn Monroe sex appeal. Is it Gold digging if the man is literally mythic?
3. Summer Roberts as Wonderwoman: Not overtly Christmassy, but it was the Christmas episode. The OC’s resident hot girl, party animal bitch stuffing her curves into Wonderwoman’s God Bless America themed bra and underthings? Marissa Cooper certainly had a worthy rival in that episode.
4. The Victoria’s Secret Angels sing Deck the Halls: That was my personal favorite of their Christmas commercials. The luscious ladies costumed themselves as Santa’s Helpers and f***ed up adorably on the classic Christmas jingle. Once again, nobody does sexy better than Victoria’s Secret.


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