Samii Ryan Reveals 35 Things Girls Think About During Sex

“What is she thinking?” thinks many a guy during sex. Us ladies have a lot of things rolling through our heads. We’ve all had times where our mind is roaming around the entire time, and we’ve all had times where the sex is so passionate and intimate that our mind and body are both fully there to experience it. But, the passionate intimate sex doesn’t come around very often, so usually, we are left with thousands of thoughts during sexual intercourseAllow me to elaborate.

When you are giving him a blow job. (It isn’t called a job for nothing)

1. Hopefully I will only do this for a couple minutes, then we can have sex… okay good got it.

2. My breath is going to spell like his manhood.. ew gross I need to brush my teeth now.

3. Ugh, now that my saliva is all over him it is now all over my face and my makeup is ruined.. damn you.

4. Am I done yet?

5. Should I be touching your testicles in some sort of way? Because there is NO WAY I am sucking on those deflated things.

6. Fuck I got a hair in my mouth.. omg his pubes.. vom

7. I am actually not gagging to turn you on, I am actually gagging.

8. I wonder if he wants to finish in my mouth, the horror.

9. Dammit would you stop smashing my head into your manhood area so fast, I literally can’t breath.

10. Omg, OMG he said he is about to finish..shit.. spit or swallow.. okay.. 1..2..3..

11. FUCK that shit is so disgusting I am going to gag again..but I killed it. 😉

When he is going down on you.

1. I really hope he’s totally into it.

2. Ohhh, that tongue motion feels good.

3. Should I be looking at you, or should I be playing with my breasts and arching my back…what is sexier?

4. I don’t know exactly why you are motor boating my clitoris down there…but I’m not sure if it feels good or if it hurts.

5. Maybe you should just stop so we can have sex already.

6. Wait…just kidding that is perfect.

7. Okay but really…let’s get down to business.

8. Adding a little finger action…creative…

9. I’m going to start moaning and tell you that I want you inside of me so we can stop this madness.

10. If I pull your hair I think you’ll get the point…

11. FINALLY – we can have sex…LET’S GO!

When you are having sex.

1. Let’s start slow…okay or not.

2. I really spent all this money on lingerie when he didn’t even look at it?!

3. This feels great and all but I really have to do my laundry.

4. Are you going to say anything…like moan or dirty talk?

5. Maybe I should be the kinky one so at least this is satisfying for me.

6. Change positions so fast…this is going to be a quick one.

7. Sorry I had air in my kitten that is why it made that sound…let’s just forget about it and make out.

8. Okay, now the constant slamming into me is going to leave me a bruise.

9. Is that my phone? Maybe I got a text message…

10. Did you say you were about to finish already?

11. WAIT a second…no not yet I have to finish too you asshole.

12. Well…that was a lot of work for 5 minutes.

13. Guess I’ll use my vibrator later…

I know a lot of these thoughts are quiet comical, but trust me, they are 100% accurate.

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