Sage mixes all our favorite cult girly movies in her new video

Sage isn’t just any pop singer who wants to wear a sparkly leotard and let her weave blow in the wind whilst dancing in front of a squad of shirtless dancers. Instead, she’s a chameleon, having been an expert in transforming her look with makeup, hair dye and wigs since she was just 10 years old.

In addition to frequently changing her look, Sage has always sort of been a more mature version of herself trapped in a hip AF millennial body. Her songwriting and lyrics have pushed the limits and explored themes that some adults wouldn’t dare trek through — and that can certainly be said of her upcoming release, which includes the acronym “IAFWU” as one of its’ themes….

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With an EP slated to be released this fall, Sage is ready to release the first of several singles, “YoPro,” with a pretty elaborate teaser visual to accompany it. An artistic renaissance ingenue of sorts, Sage also writes all of her own lyrics and music — and even styles herself, and conceptualizes all of her own visual content.

So if you are a fangirl of “Mean Girls” and “Scream Queens” with a dash of the 80’s classic “Heathers,” then this video will definitely be your jam. Plus, Sage not only plays herself in the video, but also ALL the other members of the squad…

“I have a love for movies with pastel and vintage aesthetics. I’ve always wanted to do a meaningful, yet modern and pleasing-to-the-eye video, and finally, with the help of my amazing crew, I got a chance to try it!” Sage says.

Don’t expect the story to end here though, as there’s a whole plot line of stylish characters planned for all the songs on the EP apparently… and just as this little tasty tid bit of a teaser directs us to, you can sign up at to make sure you’re the first to know when the next character drops so you can steal her lewk.

What inspired you to write “YoPro”/What does “YoPro” mean?
“YoPro” is short for “Young Professional.” I consider myself a hard working young woman who takes her writing and music very seriously! I feel like many young artists get looked down upon because of their age — because people tend to connect age with experience. Because of that, I wanted to give a voice to all the young professional girl bosses out there!

We’ve heard the video involves “joining the squad” — what are the rules for being part of your squad?
My squad rules are: no rules! In the video, my “squad leaders” consists of three personas: blue, pink, and purple. These personalities represent traits I think we all have. At the end of the video, even though each persona is very different, they all come together, showing that we are all equal and ultimately on the same “squad”!

You played all the members of the squad in the video — what was it like to play the different characters?
The squad girls represent traits I think we all have: (pink) jealousy, (blue) shallow, and (purple) acceptance. To play these characters, I tapped into my own personal experience, and went with the flow.

We’ve heard that this teaser is part of a larger video that combines “Scream Queens” with “Mean Girls” with a dash of “Heathers” — what can you tell us about the full video?
As in “Mean Girls,” “Scream Queens,” and “Heathers,” my personas are generalized stereotypes of a clique. I’d say “pink” is a lot like Regina George from “Mean Girls,” Chanel from “Scream Queens”, and main Heather from “Heathers.” She also has her followers — like the “blue” persona, ‘til a “greater good”, “purple”, comes along — bringing everyone together! I can’t wait for everyone to see and enjoy it because this video is something I’m truly proud of.

What can we expect from the other songs on the EP?
My EP is full of many different messages through my songs — All of the songs will have their own meaning. While “YoPro” is definitely going to be the most showcased, the other songs are still unique and awesome in their own ways, and I can’t wait to share it!

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Video Directed by Jino Savaglio

Artwork by Jimmy Bryant

Artwork Direction by Neon Soapbox

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