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Lil Wayne once said, “safe sex is great sex, better use a latex.” Although he has rapped questionable statements before, this one is completely true. It’s no secret that the more technologically advanced we get, the easier it is to get laid. However, it seems that people forget that protection isn’t solely used to avoid unwanted pregnancies, it’s used to avoid sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

While asking your partner about their sexual history might be awkward, many times it’s necessary for your safety. In addition, it’s important to always be prepared. With the Koitus Kit, it’s easy to have everything you need to have safe (and hopefully great) sex wherever you are.

We caught up with one of the founders of Koitus, Melissa Chute, to discuss the soaring STI rates and what we can do to protect ourselves.


Can you tell us about the recent increase in STI rates?

The recent increase in STI rates have a lot to do with the fact that younger people are sleeping with multiple partners. Apps and social sites that encourage hook ups are helping to create dangerous sexual behaviors. Many people don’t even know that they are infected because STI’s don’t often have outward showing symptoms. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in America right now. There are so many types of HPV and only some can be treated with vaccines.

Why do you think young people still don’t protect themselves, albeit all the information available to them?

We’ve done focus groups with people ages 18-23 and they told us that they’re not as concerned about using protection because viruses like HIV can no longer kill you. Diseases we grew up fearing, like HIV/AIDS are considered treatable by medications to this age group. Pregnancy in many cases, is more feared than contracting an STI.

Why are girls more likely to worry about pregnancy than STIs when considering using protection?

I think that women have a natural sense of preparedness that make them worry equally about pregnancy and STIs. However, many women feel that they are adequately covered with just their birth control alone. I have found that girls feel that they shouldn’t have to be the ones who have condoms and even if they do, they feel like it makes them look slutty instead of smart and prepared.

What exactly is involved in the Koitus Kit?

Koitus Kit is a safe sex kit with emphasis on protection AND hygiene. Each kit contains 2 condoms, a mini toothbrush, a wet wipe and a dry wipe. Koitus Kit gives you a way to clean up before, after, or both. We want to provide everyone with a safe, sanitary sexual experience that provides peace of mind for both partners. Koitus Kit is discreet because it fits in your pocket or your purse! Contents come in a resealable, recyclable ziploc bag that can be used to discard it after use. With young people sex is usually spontaneous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. We want everyone to be able to #GETSOME the sexy, safe and sanitary way.

Where can we purchase the Koitus Kit?

Koitus Kits are available online at in 6, 12 and 24 packs. We are also rolling out to several college bookstores this Fall and I’m proud to say that a few non-profit organizations use Koitus Kit for their AIDS outreach efforts.

What are other safety measures we need to practice to maintain safe sex?

Definitely get tested, reduce risky behaviors, and get vaccinated against HPV. Don’t be afraid to ask a partner their medical history!


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