Sabrina Claudio’s newest singles are going to take you to another planet

Sabrina Claudio first started her music career by releasing her own original tracks on SoundCloud.


Knowing that, it’s pretty crazy to see where she’s at now. With 400k+ followers on Instagram, a dedicated fan base, and some of the hottest collabs, Sabrina is really killing the game.

The Miami-native, Los Angeles-based singer is now way beyond releasing her music on SoundCloud. She is officially signed with Atlantic Records, she is touring with 6lack, and she has just released two new singles – one of which features a fellow dreamy vocalist, Khalid.

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Sabrina’s music, if you haven’t heard it, is the kind of music you can listen to at any time of the day or night. It’s dreamy, versatile, and jazzy, with a touch of hip-hop influences.

Her lyrics will make you want to fall in love in the spring and walk around barefoot in the grass. Sabrina’s music is that kind of laid-back, let’s-slow-life-down vibe that I want to channel always.

Her two newest singles, “All To You,” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” are out NOW, and “Don’t Let Me Down,” features Khalid – meaning it’s a duo of absolute magic on a cloud.

Transport us to the beach right now, please.

As for the inspiration for “Don’t Let Me Down,” Sabrina says that it doesn’t necessarily be about a woman. “But, in this particular situation it is about a woman who is usually very stubborn and very closed off when it comes to relationships,” Sabrina tells us.

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“She has finally found somebody who she’s willing to let her guard down around – even if they’re only halfway down. It’s about showing someone the vulnerable side of you and saying to them, ‘No matter what you do, just don’t prove me right. Don’t give me a reason to be guarded again,'” says Sabrina on the Khalid collab.

Sabrina also mentions that her second single, “All To You,” is a completely different vibe. “It’s more sensual. It was inspired by the power of a woman’s mind and body. I wanted to use the elements of fire and water to really embody the emotions we feel in the most intimate of interactions. From there, it was simple,” explains Sabrina.

Her mention of using elements is really accurate, because her music genuinely seems to be otherworldly and reminiscent of specific feelings and vibes.

Sabrina absolutely pulls inspiration from the heart and her music is real proof. Check out her newest singles here, and be sure to follow along on her music journey to see what she’s got coming next.

Photos by Nikko Lamere

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